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ProActive Wellness Initiative

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ProACTIVE Wellness Inititaive

Keeping Local busines and their employess moving!

Sampsell PT and Functional Wellness' ProACTIVE Wellness initiative helps to keep employees healthy, productive and working through education and movement in the workplace.

Our 1 Hour to Wellness Program allows Eric to come into your local business and educate you and your staff on the latest research on stress, nutrition, sleep and exercise to decrease sick days and improve job satisfaction!

Workplace stretch

He will formulate an industry specific program for your business that will include:

  • a brief individual assessment for your staff to identify mobility and strength issues that could be causing you pain or predisposing you to future injury
  • job specific and indivdiual stretching/exercise to address pain and stiffness
  • discuss common pitfalls in the workplace that leads to injury and illness
  • a run down on sleeping and nutrition to fuel your body to keep you going!

For more information opr to set up your One Hour to Wellness Program, call us today at

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