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Sports Specific Rehabilitation

Sports Physical Therapy

Here at Sampsell PT and Functional Wellness, we will take a very individualized and sport-specific approach to your injury and problem.  Every athlete is different, with different body types, strengths, and weaknesses. Each person also has their individual goals, whether it is to return to training for a 26.2-mile run, throwing a football 50 yards down the field, or making a run down the sideline of a soccer field to assist with an amazing cross, ending with a header in the goal. 

Every sport is different. Every individual is different. And everyone needs to be specifically evaluated for their specific muscle imbalances or mobility issue to return to their particular activity and sport.

Sports and Athletic Screens

Are you an athlete looking to gain a college scholarship? Or maybe you are a weekend warrior who is worried that you may be injured playing or training for your next game or event. 

  • Our movement screens evaluate you from head to toe to determine mobility and muscle imbalances throughout your body that may predispose you to injury.
  • Our exam takes you through a detailed evaluation of your spine and extremities. It gives you specific treatments to correct these potentially debilitating injuries like:
  • ACL tear for a football or soccer and basketball player
  • elbow and shoulder pain in an overhead athlete like baseball
  • knee pain in a runner

A sport-specific evaluation locks in on your weaknesses and mobility issues and gives you the corrections to take your training and game to the next level, minimizing your risk of injury!

Eric Sampsell, physical therapist, also works hand in hand with several regional college scouts who often refer their athletes to him to optimize their performance. Eric works on weaknesses and issues that may predispose the athletes to pain and injury, increasing their chances for college scholarships.

Why we are different:

1. Every patient will receive one on one treatment. They will be my only patient while they during their appointment, which differs from the 2-4 patients being seen an hour in other clinics routinely

2. Every patient will receive 1 full hour of treatment every session, one on one. No paperwork, no other patients, no other phone calls. 100% attention is to the patient the entire time. Other clinics will routinely be on the laptop doing paperwork during their session and attention to other patients, staff and “busy work” will be performed.

3. Every session will be my me and my 23 years of experience. No lesser credentialed therapists like a physical therapy assistant or tech, who may or may not have a high school diploma. There will be continuity of care this way, decreasing risk of miscommunication and treatment maintaining the highest level every session.

4. Immediate appointments that will be within 24-48 hrs of calling. Most clinics are short handed, decreasing level of care, continuity and availability, often hiring less qualified staff that will decrease care.

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