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Top 3 Ways to Avoid baseball Injuries in Youth Players

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Baseball Injuries in Adolescents and How to Recover Faster if You Are Already Hurt!


Due to the unique stresses placed on the arm and entire body during the throwing motion, more and more research has produced evidence of higher rates of youth baseball injuries, especially in the dominant shoulder and elbow. According to an article published by the Journal of Athletic Training, youth baseball players reported throwing with arm pain 74% of the time. They also reported that ulnar colateral ligament reconstructions (Tommy John Surgery) increased 343% between 2013 and 2014, with 56% aged 15 to 19 years. The repetitive nature of the throwing motion can also cause overuse injuries to the shoulder and elbow.

With a significant rise in baseball and throwing related injury, Sampsell PT and Functional Wellness wanted to take the time to educate coaches and parents on what you can do to help prevent common baseball injuries from happening to your players and kids.

Don’t miss time this season. Our staff can work with specifically with athletes to make sure your body can take the forces and movements necessary to avoid injury and perform better. Be proactive and reach out today for your Functional Movement Screen and baseball specific evaluation to get stronger and avoid injury!

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